Mainly focused on the intelligent home field of the Internet of Things industry, with ZigBee automatic networking technology as the core, the Internet of Things case service providers integrating technology research, program design, software development, hardware research and development, system integration and support services. At the same time, we adhere to the service spirit of customer satisfaction, sharing and win-win, and walk in the forefront of the era of Wan Wan Wanlian, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable life of comfort, safety, convenience and trend.

Mainly focused on the field of bistable liquid crystal flexible film based on CH-LCD technology, and accumulated rich research and development and manufacturing experience in the fields of liquid crystal handwriting, flexible liquid crystal display, liquid crystal dimming film and related control systems. In addition, we have a professional technical team of 200 people, can serve different market needs, and in the green, environmental protection, quality first concept to serve the country's major mothers and infants, early education, kindergartens and other institutions. We are honest, mutual benefit, accumulated a lot of customers, and have been unanimously recognized, we will continue to innovate, strengthen cooperation, and strive to become the top enterprises in the industry.

Company culture
Corporate purposes

Reassure users, reassure employees and make shareholders happy

Our wishes

Pursue excellence, enhance competitiveness, and become the most powerful intelligent product service provider

Enterprise spirit

Integrity, equality, professionalism, innovation, and win-win

Development path

Successfully registered the 'Haohuixie' trademark

Access voice control, seamlessly connect to smart audio equipment such as Tmall Elf, Echo, Dingdong, etc., creating more possibilities for users


Successfully registered the 'OIOT' trademark


Develop LCD tablet and mass production according to customer needs

Join the MSI Open Cloud Platform (MIOC) to help everything in the cloud

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