From three aspects, what is the "smart life" in the end?

With the breakthrough of technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, quality life has a new synonym: intelligence. Smart life also begins in the era of intelligence.

smart family

Smart home is the smallest unit of smart city. It uses the family as the carrier to combine technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, 5G and artificial intelligence with security, life services, education and entertainment to achieve low carbon, health, intelligence and comfort. Safe and caring family lifestyle.

With the development of 5G and the innovation of artificial intelligence, smart families have begun to enter our lives, providing people with a more convenient, comfortable and caring lifestyle, and thus creating huge business opportunities.

However, the development of the smart home industry is not a one-off process. Although Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. have the ability to software platform, they do not have a large number of controllable hardware products, lacking the core resources in the smart home ecosystem, and can only be aggregated. Integrating third-party hardware to achieve simple appliance control, in the cross-category cross-brand interconnection, software and hardware initiative services and user satisfaction deep satisfaction, etc., there are natural defects, the subsequent need to make up for the big force to make up, lack of connectivity.

The equipment is complete and the coverage of the entire scene is lacking. Existing smart home products and related products, or staying in the intelligentization of specific products, or staying in the intelligence of a single scene, lacks a complete solution of complete, systematic, and full scenarios.

However, Chinese home appliance brands have been working hard to create a complete set of smart home solutions. Changhong CHiQ Life Smart Home Solution, Haier “4+7+N” Full Scene Customized Wisdom Package, Huawei OpenLife Smart Home Solution, these devices are complete and integrated, covering the entire scene of family life. With AI+IoT technology as the core, through the powerful IoT compatible protocol, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and other smart home eco-chain equipment can be interconnected and controlled.

Smart travel

From scanning code rides, induction parking to electronic license plates and automatic driving, smart transportation brings more convenience to people's lives, affecting many transportation networks such as intercity transportation, urban transportation and urban and rural passenger transportation.

With the development of the Internet of Things technology, home appliances and automobiles finally succeeded in the industrial revolution: Toyota held hands with Panasonic, Volkswagen married LG, and smart travel continued to break through the limitations of traditional car roles.

In the near future, with the development of 5G, autonomous driving will become the norm in travel, and the autopilot technology will bring opportunities for urban development, effectively reducing the number of private cars, improving congestion and enriching travel options. Because of its higher sensitivity than manual driving, automatic driving allows innovative travel to regain a safe, convenient, and high-quality urban environment.

Wisdom pension

China is in the period of rapid development of population aging. The proportion of the whole society for pension, medical care, welfare, welfare and facilities will account for 26.24% of GDP. Pension can be said to be a big market.

Intelligent insole to prevent the elderly from falling, the emergency one-button call alarm in the bathroom... In recent years, the development of the Internet of Things technology has brought more and more intelligent technologies into the old-age industry, resulting in a smart pension industry, based on The Internet of Things and intelligent equipment combine family pensions and institutional pensions to provide elderly people with all-weather, efficient and convenient aged care services.

However, many smart old-age products have problems that are not good, and wisdom for the elderly should be based on the elderly, read the real and effective needs of the elderly, and implement it in every aspect of the service for the elderly, avoiding the concept of speculation, playing gimmicks, and wisdom for the elderly. It should be technical accuracy + human temperature.

In the 5G era, consumers will finally get through the network of multiple scenarios such as home, work, entertainment, and travel, so that users' needs can receive immediate feedback and response. Rich wisdom scene solutions, cross-border elements and strong cooperation with brand enterprises, users' life efficiency and experience will be greatly enhanced, and let life enter a new era of intelligence.