Love is Liangshan, public welfare school

Charity creates harmony, love conveys virtue. Recently, Shenzhen Haohuixie Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the project of “Good deeds of Liangshan's ‘Haohai alliance, good inheritance’ Liangshan love to help students” project, donated RMB 6,000, and donated 1000 tablets to children’s painting and learning.

Sichuan Liangshan is located in the remote mountainous area of southwestern China. The terrain is complex. There are plateaus, hills, mountains, and plains, making transportation not very convenient. It takes a lot of time to go back and forth. Therefore, information occlusion, poverty, and schooling are the norms here. .

Helping the poor first to help the wisdom, to cure the poor first. Education poverty alleviation is an important way to block the transmission of poverty from generation to generation. Before the donation, our company learned that many children need to travel long distances to school, no school bags, no good desks and blackboards, no good teachers to guide them, but these children in the mountains can still read in such a harsh environment. Just think that these children in poor mountain areas can afford to go to school, left-behind children can learn in a comfortable classroom, and children with good academic performance can go to school dreams. All our employees will feel proud, because this is very Meaningful things. Therefore, our company actively participates in the charity and learning activities, strives to let more children get up to school, accept better and higher level education, and let the spirit and family no longer be poor.