The first lesson of the school: how to let the child collect the heart?

In the blink of an eye, the summer vacation balance is seriously insufficient! At this time, the status of some children must be like this: the summer homework only writes a few pages, but fortunately there are answers; the days of fear of being tested are coming, and I don’t want to go to school; I am not regular, I sleep late, call They are not screaming; they are not active, 'prolonged patients' are on the line; 'addicted' online game world, playing for a few hours; saying that dinner has no appetite, snacks are not leaving; dependence is enhanced, nothing is willing to do; Didn't play enough, talking about the 'new semester' no idea no goal.

Many parents watched the children 'playing up their lives', that is anxious in their hearts: This way, what can I do when I start school? How to let the children pick up and concentrate on school before starting school is a headache for many parents. Xiao Bian here to give parents support, help the child to get the heart, enter a good learning state ~

1. Lead by example, regular work

Parents hope that their children will return to the normal learning track and will not loosen loose. First, they must lead by example and gradually restore reasonable habits and habits with their children. The spirit of the child is easy to be concentrated, and even sleepy, sloppy, etc. The working habits are crucial. It is also necessary to pick up a child's favorite little alarm clock in advance with the child to change the bad habit of sleeping late.

2. control the child's entertainment time

Parents can gradually reduce the time and number of times children watch TV. For example, the child has watched TV and played games for 5 hours a day. It is necessary to gradually reduce the time to 4 hours, 3 hours, and 2 hours a day, and gradually increase the time for children to learn.

3. Family meeting, three chapters of the law

Let the children describe and summarize the summer life, what are the happy, what have been learned, what plans are there for the next summer vacation. Make an appointment with your child, and you want to realize the next summer vacation plan, provided that you complete the study plan, study objectives, and three chapters of the law. Implied that the child, the summer semester of the last semester, this semester to study hard, in order to have a more perfect summer vacation.

4. healthy regular diet

Some children break the diet of three meals a day during the holidays, and a large number of snacks and drinks are the culprit of weakening the body. Therefore, before the start of school, you may wish to make your child's diet light, to fully replenish the vitamin-rich diet, reduce the intake of fat, eat less fried foods, and adjust the body condition to the best.

5. Watch educational programs

Many children have their favorite idol stars, and give parents a program of Amway - 'The first lesson of the school', it is very suitable for children to see, help to close the heart, there are idol stars and many children interact and encourage, remember one After watching the show, the little boy said: I must study hard and grow up to be a person who is as powerful as Uncle Wu Jing.

6. Develop a study plan

Before starting school, let the child's heart calm down, read more books, and review the knowledge of the last semester. Basic concepts, basic words, typical examples, famous sentences, etc. should be remembered. Formulate a study plan, when can I play, when to learn, how much to learn each day, such as 20 words today, 20 words dictated, two ancient poems, and so on.

7. communicate with children more

Communicate with children, talk about interesting things in school, have good friends in school, guide children to expect school, stimulate children's interest in school life, arouse children's good memories in school, let children maintain a good attitude to meet new semester.

8. learning tools are essential

In the September school season, the new students started the new semester strategy, did not give parents and students decompression, write science and technology to launch the school season activities, equipment rejuvenation, ready to go, to meet new distances, to make students better learn, so that parents and teachers are more worry-free.