Emergency alarm
Emergency alarm
Emergency alarm

One call, security


Appearance color: white

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: one button for help, remote reminder, linkage alarm

Appearance: compact appearance

The use of the emergency alarm is to trigger an alarm when an abnormal condition occurs and the button is pressed. The sound of the alarm is bright and clear, the alarm signal is stable, and the penetrating power is strong.

Using zigbee wireless communication technology, you can call for a button, push the alarm message to the mobile phone, realize remote alarm, and add a layer of protection for family safety. With polymer lithium battery, low power consumption and long-lasting escort. It can also be used with a smart camera. When the emergency button is triggered, the home monitoring situation can be viewed remotely through the mobile phone to deal with the danger in time.

Wireless design, mini-appearance, about 2 coins, easy to put in pockets, wallets, bags, backpacks or clip it on your arm or wrist, and as a keychain, you can call for help in an emergency. The shell is made of ABS skin-friendly material, curved surface design, simple and stylish, and elegant style.

Can be used for daily family care, bedside calling, night emergency, caring for the elderly, walking the night, anti-wolf, etc., 24 hours a day and night to accompany you, timely response to emergencies, to protect your family's safety.

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