IP camera
IP camera
IP camera

HD quality, real-time monitoring


Appearance color: white

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Picture quality: 1080P

Voltage: DC12V/1A

Professionally monitored webcam, your smart security butler.

1. using smart sensors, megapixels, the image is true and clear, the picture quality is fine.

2. the configuration of high-speed motor, tracking speed is faster; the use of anti-vibration structure, motor noise optimization, making its care more quiet. When an abnormal object moves within the monitoring range, it will send an alarm message like a mobile phone for the first time to maintain home security.

3. built-in automatic cruise mode, found that the human face will automatically track the shooting, and through the integrated AI enhanced humanoid detection algorithm, automatically capture the motion track of abnormal objects, tracking shooting, real-time push image alarm information, 24-hour guard home security.

4. Using the intelligent sound source localization algorithm, intelligently determine the position of the sound source and track and shoot it to capture abnormal conditions.

5. using infrared night vision technology, infrared fill light distance is farther, the scope is wider, so that the night effect is also clear, to achieve 24 hours a day, waiting for you more assured. Using the backlighting technology, the image is sharp even in the case of backlighting.

6. using imported chip technology, low power consumption, processing power.

7. support local storage, storage and playback is more convenient and fast.

8. can be remote monitoring through the APP, no matter how far away, can be remotely watched, home security is always at hand.

9. waterproof and dustproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor normal installation

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