Air purifier
Air purifier
Air purifier
Air purifier
Air purifier

High efficiency purification, remote control

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Air purifier

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated input power: 55W

Noise: ≤60dB(A)

Clean air volume (CADR particles): 600m³/h

Cumulative purification of particulate matter (CCM particulate matter): P4 grade

Particle purification energy efficiency: 10.9 (high efficiency)

Formaldehyde clean air volume (CADR formaldehyde): 300 m³/h

Formaldehyde purification energy efficiency: 5.4 (high efficiency)

The high-efficiency purification system is used to release the high-concentration negative ion group to participate in the purification, combine with the oxygen molecules in the air to form negative oxygen ions, and attract positive and neutral dust with the positively charged dust in the air, thereby actively encapsulating the pollutants to form a negative ion ecological cycle. Let you feel like you are in the forest after the rain, free to breathe fresh air.


Multiple filtration system can not only purify formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, paint smell, ammonia, toluene and other pollution caused by decoration, but also filter and clean second-hand smoke, PM2.5, soot, pet shavings, dust, odor, etc. Keep away from the bad indoor air, multiple efficient purification, and protect your family's health.


It can be remotely controlled, through the mobile phone APP one-button switch; can set the time switch, timing purification; can detect the indoor pollution in real time, let you take timely protective measures; also can check the indoor air quality changes in real time, according to the home area adjustment is most suitable Working mode, you can also provide more visual health tips by sensing temperature and humidity. Quiet work in sleep mode, clean air volume is still strong, to create a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

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