Smart door lock
Smart door lock
Smart door lock

Real-time understanding of home door switch status

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Smart door lock

Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: fingerprint identification, password verification, remote control

Real-time monitoring, timely understanding of the switch status of the home door, malicious shackles, virtual cover, door unlocked and other abnormal status will be sent to the mobile APP. For example, when someone is shackled, a warning sound is sent to scare off the shackles, and an alarm message is sent to the mobile phone, so that you can take relevant measures in time. You can also remotely control the switch through the mobile app, even if you go out temporarily, you can let your friends not eat closed doors.


It adopts high toughness organic explosion-proof glass screen to prevent violent impact and fragmentation, is not easy to leave fingerprints, refuses scratches and scratches, and is easy to clean.


Linked camera, when there is an abnormal alarm, you can monitor the situation at home by monitoring. The use of clutch built-in, idling square steel, lock shell, lock tongue are made of precision cast stainless steel, even if the panel is damaged, it can not be unlocked immediately, firm and safe. It is more convenient to use fingerprint unlocking, and it can also be unlocked by fingerprint and password double verification combination to make the home safer. The fingerprint recognition speed only takes 0.3 seconds. The built-in intelligent algorithm self-learns the user's fingerprint, and the more sensitive it is. Closed door can be automatically locked, lazy people's peace of mind and safety of new choices, and 'amnesia', 'obsessive-compulsive disorder' do not have to worry about the door is not locked.


Support 99% of the door type on the market, wooden doors, copper doors, stainless steel doors, old-fashioned security doors can be installed.

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