Smart metering socket
Smart metering socket
Smart metering socket

Electrical appliance usage testing, smart energy saving

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: voltage protection, time switch, power detection, overload protection, remote control

The smart metering socket is small and convenient, and it can make ordinary household appliances smart by remote control of the mobile phone. Support 8000+ home appliance models, such as TV, set-top box, stereo, refrigerator, etc., so that ordinary appliances can become smarter. It also supports the connection of the Tmall Wizard, which is a step away from tradition and intelligence. Mobile phone control makes distance no longer a problem. No matter where you are, as long as you have a network, you can remotely switch and let you travel with confidence.

You can customize the scene mode through APP, such as turning on the lights at 6 o'clock in the morning, calling you to get up; hot summer, going home from work, open the air conditioner in advance through APP, let the home meet you no longer hot.

Real-time detection of power, provide you with detailed power statistics, accurately record and feedback real-time power and stage electrical power, so that you can know the energy consumption of your home appliances. By understanding these data, you can customize your energy-saving plan for your home, making power-saving more intelligent.

The triple intimate safety guarantee design prevents the electrical damage caused by the current exceeding the rated value.

A: When the current exceeds the rated value, the smart socket will be forcibly closed to avoid burning the appliance;

B: When the voltage exceeds the normal range, the smart socket will be forcibly closed to avoid electrical damage;

C: When the internal power of the socket exceeds the rated value, the smart socket will be forcibly closed to avoid damage to the appliance.

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