Smart touch switch
Smart touch switch
Smart touch switch

High sensitivity, voice control


Appearance color: white

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: remote control, status feedback, one-touch network

Housing: flameproof housing

Smart touch switch, using smart to touch the future.

1. using high-quality smart chip, high-speed computing, safe and stable, responsive, to provide you with a better experience.

2. the screen uses non-resistance light point capacitive touch technology, that is, point-and-control, the touch is almost lossless, so that each response is quickly stable.

3. zigbee wireless communication technology, a type of network, no longer subject to distance control, the phone can receive feedback of the current state at any time, remote control switch. You don't have to turn black to turn on the lights in the dark, and the phone can be done with one click. You can also set various scene modes, no longer control each switch one by one, such as turning off all lights when entering sleep mode; when entering romantic mode, turn off the main light, turn on the light strip。

4.can access the Tmall Elf, Xiao Ai classmates, Dingdong and other voice smart devices, use the sound to play with the lights, experience a different smart life.

5. flat tempered glass panel, optical polishing, clear crystal, strong wind pressure resistance, strong insulation, high temperature resistance, waterproof and dustproof, easy to clean and safer.

6. It adopts curved aluminum frame, tightly wrapped, wear-resistant and anti-fall, long-term use of edges without fear of wear; matte texture, after installation on the wall, the face value is better.

7. The shell is made of flame-retardant thick material, which is safer to use.

8. Grinding with fine grinding tools makes each component fit well, effectively reducing wear and prolonging switch life.

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