Two wall switch
Two wall switch
Two wall switch

Easy to clean, firm and reliable


Appearance color: gold

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: remote control, status feedback, one-touch network

Housing: flameproof housing

Our wall switch does not require a battery, no wiring, no maintenance, just connect the wireless receiver controller in series, and install the switch in a place where you can easily use it.

The core technology adopts MEA technology. MEA's full name micro-energy acquisition technology refers to the instantaneous conversion of kinetic energy and electric energy at the touch of a fingertip, and the transmission signal accurately controls the opening and closing of any one of the lamps. The product uses zigbee wireless communication technology, a type of network, can feedback the current state, remote control switch. It can also access voice smart devices such as Tmall Elf, Xiao Ai, and 叮咚, and the opening can control the opening and closing of the switch.

Our products have undergone rigorous quality inspections, using exquisite grinding tools, and the reciprocating test of the switch has exceeded 200,000 times.

The modern aesthetic design, versatile lighting, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom, can be integrated into the environment, open the new fashion of home improvement. The product feels smooth and delicate, and each opening and closing has a pleasant touch.

We carefully select materials, use insulating lacquer to make it firm and not deformed, durable, excellent quality can be seen; use tin phosphor bronze, good conductivity, high life, high clamping force; use high temperature resistant flame retardant material to prevent fire Hidden dangers, to ensure the safety of electricity.

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