Temperature and humidity sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor

Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, intelligent linkage


Appearance color: gray

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: intelligent sensing, temperature and humidity environment monitoring

Installation: Easy installation

Energy consumption: ultra low power consumption

The temperature and humidity sensor is a device for detecting the temperature and humidity status in the air in real time. The accurate temperature and humidity collection can help you adjust the appropriate temperature and humidity, prevent colds and intelligently help your daily life.

We use imported high-precision sensors to meet the GSP certification standards. Each measurement is accurate and stable. When the preset temperature or humidity is set in the APP, the air conditioner, humidifier and other equipment can be intelligently linked to create comfort. Convenient living environment.

While maintaining the appearance of the product, the engineer's precision and strict verification of the air intake hole design makes the air flow more free, the reaction is more sensitive, and the test is more precise.

We use high-quality flame-retardant materials, beautiful appearance, long-term use is not easy to age, suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as daily home, office, cold room, warehouse, laboratory and so on. At the same time, the wireless design is free from the interference of messy wires and is free from environmental constraints.

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