Wireless door and window detector
Wireless door and window detector
Wireless door and window detector

Door magnetic alarm, convenient installation


Appearance color: gray

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: real-time recognition, scene linkage

Installation: exempt installation

Energy consumption: ultra low power consumption

Wireless door and window detector, your faithful personal guard!

1. The principle of the wireless door and window detector is that when someone opens the door and window (the door magnetic host is separated from the magnetic strip), the alarm will immediately sound an alarm, and will not alarm when the state is closed. The exception message can also be pushed to the owner via the APP.

2. built-in high loudness alarm horn, can make a harsh sound to scare off the thieves, and alarmed neighbors security guards, deterrence.

3. the powerful processor works stably, high performance, low power consumption, can effectively extend the detector usage time. The internal structure layout is carefully designed, and the three-dimensional shape is more conducive to signal propagation.

4. using ABS flame retardant material, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform.

5. wireless binding, that is, ready to use, easy to install. Split-type installation, even if only 2 cm apart will give an alarm, the alarm is more sensitive.

6. the appearance of the use of simple style design, rounded edge round, elegant mini, suitable for different home decoration style. Rich application scenarios, such as family, rental housing, gates, dormitories, warehouses, hotels, shops, banks, travel tours, etc.

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