Human body sensor
Human body sensor
Human body sensor

Human detection, intelligent linkage


Appearance color: gray

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Communication: zigbee wireless communication technology

Function: Remote reminder

Energy consumption: ultra low power consumption

Installation: Easy installation

Sensitivity: high sensitivity

The human body sensor uses the principle of infrared induction to determine whether someone or an animal has passed by sensing the movement of heat, pushing the message to the mobile phone APP in time, and recording the mobile data, so that the home is moving and being mastered.

When the multi-device linkage is implemented with the smart gateway and the smart socket, more gameplay can be created, such as setting a predetermined scene on the mobile phone APP, and automatically opening the curtain when getting up during the day; when the toilet is lit at night, the person enters the light, the person The lights go out, so there is no need to manually switch the lights; when you go out, the phone receives the trigger alarm from the human body sensor, you can remotely turn on the camera, watch the situation at home, shout the words, and scare off the thieves.

With a wireless design, the mini is lightweight and can be placed anywhere, no matter the bedroom, living room or kitchen. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, conforming to the aesthetics of modern homes, no matter where it is placed, it is not abrupt; it can be placed in the wall roots, door corners and bedsides, and it can be hidden and placed to detect the safety in the home.

Our products are made of high-quality flame retardant materials and moisture-proof technology, which can be used well even in wet places. Battery powered, low power, long lasting escort.

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