9-inch tablet
9-inch tablet
9-inch tablet
9-inch tablet

One-click lock for great works

From $8.35

Appearance color: blue, white, orange

Writing color: color, monochrome

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The intelligent graffiti board releases the baby's graffiti nature and accompanyes the baby to grow.

1. Using flexible liquid crystal film technology, the brush stroke is smooth, dust-free and ink-free, no pollution, and the painting is healthier.

2. innovative pressure sensing technology, high sensitivity should be sensitive, smooth and smooth writing. The writing pressure is different, the handwriting thickness will be different, and more painting space will be played. It can also be written with your fingertips, making writing easier.

3. After the optimization and optimization of the drive control unit, there is no obvious splash screen when the handwriting is cleared, which fundamentally solves the concern that the frequent splash screen affects the vision, and the painting is more eye-protecting.

4. 100,000 times of repeated erasing, painting freely, no longer waste paper ink, no need for an eraser, you can clear the traces of painting with a single touch, saving paper more.

5. dial to the lock block, you can keep your wonderful creation with one click. (Note: 8.5-inch artboard does not have this feature)

6. flexible LCD panel is very resistant to falling, waterproof, ABS reinforcement material is not afraid of 'bear children' tossing bad.

7. low power consumption, battery available for 2 years; material environmental protection, can be written more than 100,000 times, saving you paper and pen, you can save three big trees.

8. light and convenient, can be loaded into the school bag, can also be carried with you, or even clipped into the book.

9. It can be used for your painting graffiti board, design draft board, computing word board, communication board, message board, business board and so on.

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