Cloud Storage HD Smart Camera

1. Why can't the WIFI connection method add equipment?

Make sure that the device has been restored to production settings before adding the device: long press the reset button to send it directly to the voice prompt.

In addition, the camera only supports 2.4GHz WIFI signal. If it is 5G route, please open the dual screen mode of the route and select the 2.4G signal.

Four voice prompts appear in the normal addition process:

(1) 'Please use device scan code or AP to add equipment'

(2) 'Drip, WIFI addition, please wait'

(3) Server connection

(4) The connection is completed, welcome to use

Did not hear (1), the device hardware failed.

Did not hear (2), use WIFI QR code scanning method does not respond, check the lens.

Did not hear (3), the camera failed to obtain the IP, please confirm that the number of connected devices on the target router is within a reasonable range, otherwise please reduce the mounting device or restart the router before trying.

Did not hear (4), the server connection failed, please provide the device MAC address information to our after-sales FAE troubleshooting.

2. Why is the video intermittent?

The cloud service trial suite, the alarm recording kit, and the TF card event recording mode are all recorded when an abnormality is detected, so the recording may not be continuous.

3. Why did you insert a TF card and choose continuous recording, or intermittent?

Make sure that the video viewing path is selected as the SD card. Format the SD card first. If it is still intermittent, it may be that the SD card has a dead pixel; if it is lost once or twice a day, about 2 minutes, it is the camera release memory. Restart is normal.

4. Why can't I identify the TF card?

First confirm whether the TF card meets the requirements. If the network is unstable, the TF card will not be recognized. You can change the video view to standard definition to avoid the network card being unable to load the SD card status.

5. Why does the TF card use after the cloud service expires, and the recording timeline is blank?

After the cloud service expires, you will not be able to view the cloud recording. If there is no card inserted before, there will be no recording.

If the card is used all the time, or if there is a video but suddenly disappears, now the APP confirms that the TF card status is normal, and the recording mode is not “no video”. If the status is abnormal, or if there is no video recording, the card will be formatted and then inserted. No, it may be that the card has reached the end of its useful life. Please replace it with a new TF card.

6. Why can't the phone search for alarm information?

First confirm that the notification push permission of the APP in the phone settings is turned on, and then open 'Action Detection' and 'Sound Monitoring' in the notification settings of the APP, and the current time is not in the scheduled time period of the stop notification.

Under normal circumstances, when an abnormality is detected, a message will appear in the notification bar of the mobile phone. There is no sound or vibration depending on the settings of the mobile phone.

In addition, when watching the real-time picture in the APP, the alarm of the camera being watched will not be received, because the default user is focusing on the monitoring screen at that time, and there is no need for an alarm.

The advanced intelligent alarm push algorithm is used, and the alarm message is not pushed back frequently, but the camera will record all the alarm messages and record.

7. What should I do if the display camera is disconnected?

First confirm that the power supply and network are normal, and then turn the camera off and restart without any problems. If you still lose the line after rebooting, please remove the camera in the app and add it again.

8. Why do you have a circle in the middle of watching the video screen, will it be stuck?

The circle indicates that the video is loading. Please check if the network connected to the camera and the phone is smooth.

9. How many accounts can I share with my family? How to cancel sharing?

Long press the account you want to cancel sharing, then click the delete icon.

10. Why can't the account being shared be operated by the camera?

For security reasons, the shared account permissions are restricted, and the device cannot be operated. If other people need to operate the camera, they can log in directly with the bound account password.

11. How many people can log in at the same time in one account?

There is no limit in theory.

12. Why do other accounts configure camera WIFI to fail?

A camera can only be bound by one account, and other accounts can only be viewed through the sharing mechanism. If other accounts need to reconfigure the camera, please use the first account to remove the device first.

13. What should I do if I need to switch to a WIFI camera?

Two methods:

A: The camera has no place to change and can search for another WIFI. In the parameter setting menu>>Change device connection WIFI>>Replace the corresponding WIFI

B: The camera has changed its place and cannot search for another WIFI. Start the camera. The main interface of the APP will prompt “Disconnected”. Click “Troubleshooting” to add WIFI again.

14. How to view SD card video on the phone? How to view SD card recording on the computer?

To ensure that the SD card is normal, switch the viewing channel to SD card mode to view the SD card recording on the timeline.