LCD panel

1. Is there a battery on the tablet?

Our general products use button batteries, the battery model is 'CR2016', which belongs to the conventional button battery, and is sold in stores and supermarkets, and the price is 1-2 yuan.

Battery model description: International IEC number of CR-button lithium manganese battery, 20- diameter of this battery is 20mm, 16-meter This battery has a thickness of 1.6mm, and the general rated capacity is 75mAh. In addition, the most common button battery on the market uses CR2025 (rated capacity 140-170mAh) and CR2032 (rated capacity 200-240mAh). These two batteries are thicker and have higher battery capacity than CR2016.

Our advantage: we use CR2016 for the same size products in the market, CR2025 or CR2032 for other competing products. Our products can be made lighter and more beautiful in appearance. The battery capacity we use is small, but the number of times our customers can use it is almost the same as that of the market. Generally, a button battery can be used to remove 30,000 times. (PS: There is a gossip we can do a battery to clear 140,000 times)

2. Does the LCD tablet consume no power?

Under normal circumstances, a battery is enough for our tablet to be cleared 3-5 million times. Our tablet is produced by bistable liquid crystal synthesis. It does not consume electricity in writing and display. The product has no backlight and no damage. The generated handwriting is formed by the reflection of ambient light, and the stronger the ambient light, the brighter the handwriting.

Our advantage: Our diaphragm screen requires a drive voltage of ±27V and a current of 0-14mA, which is lower than other film manufacturers in the market, and we will save more power.

3. why other people's home tablet clearing will obviously flash screen, you will not?

The principle of product removal is that the current corrects the liquid crystal molecules back and forth in the screen like a brush, so the screen will flicker. We optimized the driver board of the product, and adopted the driving scheme of the curve-down algorithm to make the product splash. The phenomenon is not obvious. Clearing the screen and flashing is normal and will not cause damage to the user's eyes.

Our advantage: PCBA and diaphragm are relatively stable. Our PCBA adopts the scheme of curve-type descent algorithm (the driving voltage does not drop immediately with the battery voltage drop), and the diaphragm requires less driving voltage. Clearing the screen ensures Clearing the effect also eliminates consumers' concerns about the splash screen. If the diaphragm and PCBA are unstable and the screen does not flash, there will be a problem that the screen trace is cleared and the black line is not clean.

4. Will your tablet screen break through the liquid crystal?

Our product screen uses a flexible LCD handwriting film with a thickness of 0.3mm. The surface hardness is 3H. Sharp sharp objects will open the screen. Normal use of the drop will not cause the screen to be damaged. In case the screen is violently damaged. The liquid crystal does not flow out of the screen. We use semi-solid colloidal liquid crystal, so there is no need to worry about liquid crystal flowing out.

Our advantage: the 2.5P or even 2H hardness of the market's general diaphragm, the surface scratch resistance will be weaker than our 3H hardness.

The test method uses a pencil to draw the surface of the screen to see if it will be scratched.

5. Can your work written on a tablet be saved to an electronic device?

Our smart phone can save the work directly to the electronic device and make some modifications, but the price is about 10 times the price of our general product, it will be more expensive. Our general products can also save your favorite works to electronic devices by scanning the app or taking photos.

The principle of smart models: combined with the digital tablet products, there is no display function on the digital tablet, but the handwriting of the written painting can be displayed on other electronic devices. We are the smart LCD tablet that combines our LCD tablet and digital tablet.

Our strengths: to meet customer needs in all aspects, to provide product customization and solutions. We can make the tablet a variety of alternatives to paper, new technology, and unlimited possibilities.

6. Can the handwriting of your tablet be adjusted?

Our handwriting handwriting will have a certain difference according to the writing strength. It is impossible to adjust the handwriting color handwriting thickness at will.

The current handwriting on the market is generally divided into fine handwriting (1mm), thick handwriting (2mm), color handwriting (gradient color), and transparent handwriting. Among them, the fine handwriting has the lowest technical requirements and assembly requirements, and the production yield can reach 95% or more. The assembly efficiency per capita can reach 40pcs/h; the production yield of rough handwriting is generally 85%, and the assembly efficiency per capita is 19pcs/h; therefore, the finest handwriting in the industry is the easiest to produce and the lowest price. The feeling of fine handwriting is not smooth and the handwriting is smoother than the thick handwriting. At the same time, in the low temperature environment, there is a phenomenon that it cannot be written and cannot be displayed. The writing strength is too large to be scratched in the screen.

Our advantage: we can produce handwriting that we can see on the market.

7. Can your tablet be partially erased?

Our tablet can achieve partial erasing. There are two ways to erase. One is to use a local magnetic field to achieve the cleaning effect by friction, and the other is to use a local constant temperature thermal erasing (the synthesis of liquid crystal in the film can be realized at a certain temperature). change). At present, we do not use partial erasure on our small size products. We will use local thermal erasure on large size products.

Magnetic field erasing technology is currently used on small-sized artboards. This method will greatly increase the power consumption of the product. At the same time, it needs to rub the screen back and forth like a traditional eraser, and the erasing effect is not good. More chicken ribs. The thermal erasing technology requires an additional thermostat wiper, which is not suitable for small-sized products, and has a relatively high cost, but has a good erasing effect and a fast erasing time.

Our advantage: According to the actual needs of customers and professional solutions to the advantages and disadvantages, to meet the needs of customers while avoiding the hidden dangers of the subsequent listing of customer products.

8. What are the advantages of your tablet?

First, we have strict quality control standards

Second, we have stable product performance

Third, we have perfect after-sales service

Fourth, we have the ability to continuously improve the research and development of upgraded products

Fifth,We have a stable price system